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Example of unit pack box

Unit pack box

Manufactured on solid board, they are intended for retail sale.

They provide originality and cause increased interest in the product.

Example of laminated box

Laminated box

The product is refined by gluing the corrugated board surface with thin,

printed paper. It increases the resistance of the packaging to external factors.

Example of shelf ready box

Shelf Ready box

Open form improves visibility and merchandising.

Used on shelves to make the product easier to access and more transparent.

Example of kids trey box

Kids Trey box

The design facilitates the handling of foodstuffs.

It allow several products to be packed in one package.

Example of collective packaging

Collective packaging

Comfortable design makes it easy to store many pieces of the product.

Frequently used for transport purposes.

Example of customized packaging

Customized packaging

Products made according to customer's order.

The design can be refined with UV varnish and embossed.